Investment Management

Zen Wealth Consultant Services LLC offers full service investment management or can provide all the Zen Services available while you maintain control of your financial assets at a brokerage of your choice.

Clients of Zen Wealth Consultant Services receive the following:

  • Creation of a fully personalized financial plan which is reviewed annually, or  greater frequency if life events affect the financial goals or ability to achieve them.
  • Precision risk analysis which is updated twice a year to ensure the portfolio is responding to the current assesment of the markets and the client's current risk tolerance.
  • Updated portfolio proposals and recommendations in response to updated risk analysis.
  • Quarterly check-ins.
  • Semi-annual portfolio performance reviews.
  • Any requested financial education.
  • The Zen Monthly newsletter
  • Emails with timely financial updates, information, or education topics

I believe in patient long-term investing combined with a strategic approach in response to market and economic conditions. My goal is to work with you within a cost structure that provides you with the best value for my service.