Seeking Financial Zen

Zen is a lofty goal. It represents a state of peacefulness and oneness and insight. The uncertainties drift away. The constant hum of chaos fades. I could think of no better analogy to feeling comfortable with your entire financial life than Zen.

The ensō circle to the left is an expression of Zen, and is traditionally made by hand with a brush and black ink on white parchment in one single brushstroke and one single breath. It can be drawn open or closed which have different interpretations: closed can mean perfection, while open celebrates imperfection. I like open, because life, and certainly one's financial life, will never be perfect. There are too many nuances, alternate paths and unknowns, but I enjoy the focused pursuit.

The tangible ensō circle itself can represent everything while the empty center is nothing. My goal is for you to feel like you are in the center, surrounded by your now known financial world, peaceful and resolute in your path.

The best advice I can give is to take the time to make a financial plan and have it reviewed periodically. Planning is the path to financial zen. 

Thank you for visiting Zen Wealth Consultant Services. Be the peaceful center of your finances.

- John Duffy



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