The Zen Mission

I started Zen to pursue three simple goals: elucidate, educate, evaluate.

Financial literacy and investment management are not intuitive skills. The industry is full of bewildering jargon, acronyms, initialisms and concepts: beta, ETFs, R2, Roth IRAs, modern portfolio theory, ad infinitum.

My goal is to speak plainly so as to elucidate what is important in the big picture and exactly how it can impact your financial picture.

Education can take several forms. For some, it may be to get a clear understanding of the differences between stocks and bonds and why one might want to own some of each in a certain percentage which changes as they age. For others it might be learning the tax efficiencies of retirement accounts and why they are a better vehicle for investing in growth than in a taxable account. A few might want to understand the implications is utilizing a cross purchase versus entity insurance, and some may want to discuss the ins and outs of multi-generational wealth transfer and minimizing estate taxes. I endeavor to understand my client and will adjust the language accordingly.

Every part of your financial life should be evaluated so that informed decisions can be made. Your assets, debts, goals, risk tolerance, tax bracket and time horizon all factor into critical decisions for your future. And they change all the time. My most important investment is in getting to know you and your family so that together we can chart your path forward.



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