Financial Advisor Evaluation

Most smart, successful people have no real idea how their financial advisor is doing for them.  Many do not have the financial literacy or background to feel comfortable asking uncomfortable questions.  Most people are subjected to long, quick paced reviews that just leave them shaking their head in agreement with whatever is suggested.  And sometimes those suggestions aren't always in the client's best interest or benefit the advisor more.

Positions are sold when they're down because they are bringing down performance and a new position is purchased that looks promising but might now be too expensive. Would you have been better off staying put?  Without backwards looking analysis you would never know.

Your performance is being benchmarked against a Moderately Conservative portfolio and you're looking good, but is that the best comparison?  Are you actually doing as well as you're bring told?

And what of those fees?  You've asked a few times how much you're paying and it's always been difficult to answer.  

I want to objectively show performance against a realistic benchmark, I want to calculate every fee, commission or charge, many of which are hidden or embedded in a purchased product.  I want to look at the changes that have been made over a period of time and look at whether those changes were beneficial to you or if you would have been better off staying with what you had.  I want to clearly illustrate these and allow you to determine if you have been receiving a good value for what you've paid.  I can help write some questions to ask of your financial professional, or even ask the questions on your behalf.  I want to be a financial ally who is hired to help you evaluate, without bias or self-interest, the value of the services you have been paying for.